The Give a Note Foundation, in partnership with Radio Disney, is coming to Collinsville High School as part of the 2017 Music in Our Schools Tour.

On Friday, March 10 at 7:00 p.m. the Collinsville High School Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter will host a special free concert featuring Radio Disney celebrities.

“Collinsville High School was chosen because our Tri-M Music Honor Society was one of a handful of organizations that raised the most in a nationwide contest held by the Give a Note Foundation,” according to the Collinsville Tri-M advisor Ryan Stack.

The March 10 concert, open to the public, will be a musical celebration featuring a concert with Radio Disney group Forever In Your Mind, hosted by Radio Disney on-air personality
Candice Huckeba.

The Collinsville High School show choir and wind ensemble will both perform and the Collinsville Tri-M chapter will lead students in a medley of popular Disney soundtracks accompanied by the Collinsville High School bands.

The night will also feature the students singing the chorus of the Radio Disney featured song, “The Human Race,” as the music video is projected on a screen.

“We know the importance of music education and its effect on students’ lives,” Collinsville Tri-M chapter president Jessica Tevebaugh said.

“We have several bands and choirs at Collinsville High School, and we are very fortunate to have a set budget and the ability to fundraise. We figured that through Give a Note we could find a way to help other schools who do not have the same opportunities that we do,” she said.

Through Tri-M, the students at Collinsville High School have exceeded service project goals.

“After signing up to take part in the Chapter Challenge for Give a Note, we had no idea what to expect,” Tevebaugh said.

“We were beyond excited to raise over $800 and even more so to be a stop on the Music in Our Schools Tour with Radio Disney. There is outstanding potential in all the students in our music programs, and we are excited to see what great things they will accomplish in the future.”

“The presentation will be a wonderful ‘pay it forward’ moment,” Give a Note CEO Jane Mell Balek said.

“I am so proud of these generous and hard-working students who have demonstrated what leading and serving look like,” Mell Balek said.

In addition to Collinsville, the 2017 Music in Our Schools Tour includes schools in Salina, KS; Joliet, IL; Riverside, CA; Wenatchee, WA; Boston, MA; Marblehead, MA; and Franklinton, NC; as well as the University of Central Missouri and Rhode Island College.

According to foundation directors, the Give a Note Foundation was created to bring awareness to the importance of music education, and to nurture, grow, and strengthen music education opportunities — for every student, every school, and every community.