COLLINSVILLE – Investigations in accordance to the death of Collinsville High School freshman, Tray Turner, have been completed by the Collinsville Police Department.

“On September 22, 2016, Collinsville High School student, Tray Turner, passed away as a result of injuries sustained 3 days earlier at the high school,” Collinsville police chief Stephan Evans said.

“From the moment this tragic event occurred, the Collinsville Police Department has conducted a diligent and thorough investigation in a manner consistent with the investigation of any incident resulting in serious injury or death.  However, while getting to the truth, we made every effort to be sensitive to the grieving process,” Evans said.

The results of the investigation lead to the conclusion that Turner’s injuries and subsequent death were result of a ‘tragic accident,’ according to the Collinsville Police Department.

“As of October 6, 2016, we have concluded our investigation and are confident in our findings,” Evans said.

The conclusions and results of the investigation included on-scene witnesses as well as individuals who could describe relationships and past behaviors.

Those who provided this information included students, staff, and family of involved parties.

“The facts reveal Tray fell from a stair banister while attempting to slide down it.  The stairs and banister he was going down led to a landing from which additional steps went down in the opposite direction Tray was sliding,” Evans said.

“Tragically, his fall took him forward and to the side of the downward steps going in the opposite direction.  A friend of Tray’s was very forthright in telling us he had provided a push to Tray with the intention of making him go faster,” he said.

Evans stresses that it was important to note that witnesses confirmed this; additionally, other students had seen Turner and this friend involved in this type of “horseplay” previously.

“After a final and thorough review by our staff of all facts, it is clear this was a tragic accident involving no criminal intent,” Evans said.

The statement from the Collinsville Police Department comes after conversation with Tray Turner’s family, Collinsville School District administrators, and others closely related to this incident.