Hundreds of Harry Potter fans tested their knowledge at the American Legion Post 365 to raise $15 thousand for the American Cancer Society.

According to American Cancer Society community manager Amanda Kernan, of Collinsville, the event was sold out less than a week after it was posted on social media.

“We decided to add a second event, to accommodate for more teams, and that sold out in three days,” Kernan said.

Multiple people have expressed their positive thoughts about the event according to entertainment chair Bailey Lutz, of Collinsville.

“The trivia has been a lot of fun, we’re happy to be able to come out and support the American Cancer Society” Amanda Zika, of Collinsville, said.

Participation in the event reached the topping-off point of 800 participants between two sessions.

“We had a waitlist on top of the 800 people that attended between the two sessions. Unfortunately, we had to turn people away just because we couldn’t fit any more people into the venue,” Lutz said.

According to Kernan, funds raised go directly to the American Cancer Society to help fund research, programs, and services locally.

“Locally, we are providing free rides to treatments through our Road to Recovery program,” Kernan said.

Other services provided by the American Cancer Society include gifting wigs to cancer patients, helping run the “Look Good, Feel Better” program locally, and fundraising to provide support in cancer research.

“The winners from the afternoon session donated their earnings back to the American Cancer Society,” Lutz said.

The Lutz family makes up a good portion of Collinsville’s community team, according to Bailey Lutz.

“My mom’s brother passed away 5 years ago from colon cancer. After that happened, we heard about the organization when my uncle was sick. They helped out a lot and after he passed, we decided to get involved and give back,” Lutz said.

The next big push for the Collinsville community chapter of the American Cancer Society is working towards the annual Relay for Life event on June 10 at Drost Park, according to Kernan.

“We do fundraisers, such as the one tonight, year round and then Relay is a big celebration. We have a lot of activities for kids and families, food, silent auctions, it’s really the culmination of our year’s efforts,” she said.

For more information on how to get involved in the Relay for Life event or with the American Cancer Society, please visit