Community members go head-to-head in grape stomp


COLLINSVILLE – Community members went head to head in the annual grape stomp at the 33rd annual Italian Festival in the uptown district. Participants included Collinsville High School Student Council members, the police department, city hall staff, and various area businesses.


Grape Stomp Results:

Main Street Mash
1. Friday’s South
2. D. Boozers Food and Fire
3. Best Hometown Bank
4. Sloans Pub House

CHS Student Stomp
1. Kahok Krazies
2. Student Council Ladies
3. Senior Class Reps
4. Student Council Men

City Crush
1. Crush
2. Lucys

Open Stomp
1. Cheerleaders
2. Dance Team
3. F.C.A.
4. Nerds

Chief Evans v. Ronda Evans.
1. Chief Evans
2. Ronda Evans